If you are in immediate danger or require emergency medical assistance, please call 999 immediately and come back to this page at a later stage. This system is not linked to the emergency services.

Students who report an incident of sexual violence or sexual harassment against them will not be subject to disciplinary action if they breached Covid-19 restrictions at the time of the incident. It is important that students feel able to access support and reporting options without fear of disciplinary action

In order to provide student support and to process student disciplinary cases under the Sexual Misconduct policy and Respect at Kent Policies and Procedures, the University Student Services, which includes the Offices of Student Conduct & Complaints and Student Support & Wellbeing, processes the personal data of those reporting via Report and Support or directly to the University. Please read the privacy information below. The privacy information is specific to the processing of the personal data collected via the Report and Support online tool and should be read in line with the University’s main Privacy Notice.

This section of the Privacy Notice provides you with the privacy information that you need to know before you provide personal data to the University for the particular purpose(s) stated below.
Type(s) of personal data collected and held by the University and method of collection

We will collect personal and special category data supplied by you through our online form, including name, student ID, telephone number, email address, level of study (UG or PG), sex life, gender, age, disability, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, health data and any other data that you consider relevant to the matter. Where the information collected includes special categories of personal data or criminal conviction data, the lawful basis and purposes of use are set out below.
Why personal data is processed & Lawful basis 
The table contains details of the activities we carry out and how we are permitted to use personal data for each of these purposes. We do not always need Consent from students or other individuals to process personal data. When processing personal data of students, staff and others, we will try to ensure that we consider the rights and freedoms of all concerned.

Purpose of processing

Lawful basis

Special category, if applicable 

 Criminal conviction condition, if applicable

Data Shared? If so, why and with whom

Delivery of Student Support & Well-being Service.

Specialist support to students e.g. Sexual Assault and Harassment Adviser

Performance of a task in the Public Interest

Substantial Public Interest - Counselling

Substantial Public Interest – Detecting, preventing unlawful acts. Equality of opportunity or treatment

External - Law enforcement agencies – prevention and detection of crime.

Academic progression and participation in university life, including working with College and Community Life officers and counselling/mental health services.

Performance of a task in the Public Interest

Substantial public interest - Counselling


Compliance with Respect at Kent, Sexual Violence and Misconduct policies and procedures.

Performance of a task in the Public Interest

Substantial Public Interest  - Equality of opportunity and treatment.

Substantial Public Interest – Detecting preventing unlawful acts. Equality of opportunity or treatment.

Identifying and addressing areas where action needs to be taken to ensure equality  

Performance of a task in the Public Interest

Substantial Public Interest - Equality of opportunity and treatment



Ensuring safety and well-being of students others

Public interest. Legal obligation

Substantial Public Interest – Detecting preventing unlawful acts

Substantial Public Interest – detecting preventing unlawful acts. Equality of opportunity or treatment

Risk Management Panel – to ensure safety and wellbeing of students or other individuals.

Conducting internal investigation / disciplinary hearings. Referring cases for  external investigation

Consent or 

Legal Obligation

Substantial Public Interest – Detecting preventing unlawful act

Substantial Public Interest – detecting preventing unlawful acts. Equality of opportunity or treatment

Disciplinary Panel

(which include representation of Kent Union)  -  where disciplinary action is being considered in relation to a student.

HR, where a report relates/refers to a member of staff.

External parties - for professional / legal advice.

Police - for external investigation.

Referral to other support services / medical intervention


Explicit Consent


Professional bodies as appropriate  - to support provision of Student Support Services

Seeking urgent medical assistance

Vital interests of students, staff or public *

Vital interests of students, staff or public


Medical Professionals / Emergency care / intervention

Urgent mental Health referral / intervention 

Legal Obligation. 

Vital interests of students, staff or public *

Social Protection. 

Vital interests of students, staff or public.*


Student Cause for Concern Panel – to ensure safety and well-being of students or other individuals.

*We will only seek to rely on the lawful basis of protecting the vital interests of you or some other individual where either you or the other individual are incapable of or unable to provide consent.
How personal data is stored

Data will be stored electronically in the University reporting system (Report and Support) hosted by third-party (Culture Shift) secure cloud services platform. All data is stored with the UK or EU. 
Who the University shares personal data with

During the course of student support data may be share with internal departments of the University and in these cases, access to personal data will be limited to only those who are supporting you or investigating or adjudicating your report. In some cases we will also need to share personal data with  external agencies. Please see the table above for details of when this takes place for this Service. Personal information is also handled by Culture Shift as Data Processors providing the information and application on our behalf.
How long personal data is held by the University

Personal data is kept, deleted or archived in accordance with the University Records Retention Schedule. Student requests to speak with an advisor and Student data relating to conduct and disciplinary proceedings are retained for 20 years after the date the incident / behaviour reported..
Your data protection rights 
Details of your data protection rights are set out in full in the University of Kent’s main Privacy Notice and these will vary depending on the lawful basis that we are relying on. When the lawful basis we rely on is Consent, you will always have the right to withdraw your Consent by contacting us at Student Services or the Information Compliance Team (details below). 
Links to other websites

This privacy notice does not cover the links within this site linking to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit.  You should also review the Culture Shift Privacy Policy
Changes to this privacy notice

We regularly review our privacy information to ensure that it remains accurate and current. We will review and update this privacy information whenever we plan to use personal data for any new purpose. Any changes to this privacy information will be communicated to you.
Further information

If you have any questions which you feel have not been covered by this Privacy Notice, please email us or write to:
Information Compliance 
Darwin College 
University of Kent 
CT2 7NY 

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